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Good work on the atmosphere and gameplay variety.


I think this game needs a little attention

really well done! the game itself was a bit simple, puzzles were quick to solve and required little thought, and the story didn't have too many elements to it. However, the game exceeded in miles through its presentation, ingenuity, and an understanding of pacing. the environments were well crafted too - had lots of fun with this. thanks for making this game (it was nice having something to relate to here.)

I just play this game great job it was so pulish 

other great game <3 i loved it <3

This is a lot like his older title 'Slender's Woods'

love how when you go to a door it show`s you a hand, really cool idea, Cool memorys

Played your game! hope you enjoy the video :)


you pro




Very cool. Good message and I love the art style.

A good game about how depression feels and how to overcome it.

awesome game really like the style and story very cool cant wait for more games for you!!

This was such a fun game, I really love the style and the story! 

I really enjoyed this game, the (no spoilers) final stage was not my favorite, but it has a great atmosphere! my thumbnail isn't the best, I threw it together really quick, but i would seriously like to see more from this! 

Wanted to hold off on posting this until October. 💀 I thought the atmosphere was pretty well done. Turned out to just be a lot of audio scares, but it kept the tension up. I was really surprised this game was made in the duke nukem engine. Super weird to see in 2018, but you made it work. Thanks a lot for translating it to English! Always interested to see new foreign indie games that I can actually play. I gave it a shot and recorded my experience below.

Conbratulations, that game is awesome, really enjoyed it. Great message, great jogability, the graphics are cool. 10/10 game

We all wear masks sometimes to hide how we truly feel, or to protect others. Don't let yourself get lost behind one!

Really great game. didn't realize it was 4 years old until i finished playing it, but it's still fantastic. good work

Nice atmosphere and a positive message when you choose to fight. Nice!

I like the creepy atmosphere you have created

Really enjoyed your game! Suspenseful, dark, creepy and has a real message. Well done! Side note: your door handle feel off in the game... XD

(Please only click the video if you're interested in watching my play through.

 Video Length 25:29)

Forged By Games Plays : The Mask Reveal's A Disgusting Face

To watch my play through of The Mask Reveal's A Disgusting Face click the image to be redirected to YouTube.

really enjoyed this game, it's really good!

Very nice game. Creepy, had good Atmosphere and had a great ending

Quite surreal representation of clinical depression. Surreal, but accurate...

really loved the music and atmosphere, I know im like a thousand years late but great work!

This game didn't reveal any disgusting face, except this one! XD

Great game. Give this a go. Enjoyed it...

Creepy, and had a good message.

Really cool stuff, if a little short. Nicely done though.

Very nice. The set up is very similar to Silent Hill 4 and it has a similar atmosphere. The one major problem is it's length. There's nothing wrong with short games but this one ends almost before it begins. The atmosphere is there, the mechanics are there, all that's left is to fill in the actual game.